Christie Lindsey, PhDChristie Lindsey, PhD, PA

Psychological Assistant
License: PSB94025571
Office: Los Alamitos, Torrance
714-558-9266 x225

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Christie offers genuine warmth and care for her clients and works to provide a safe space for healing and growth in the midst of life’s challenges. She deeply believes in the transformative quality of relationships and facing pain and self-discovery in the midst of them.


Christie has worked in various settings including community mental health, school districts, and university counseling centers. She has experience in working with individuals and families who face trauma, depression, anxiety, family conflict, and relational issues, providing tools to cope as well as space to process and explore these concerns.




Additional Information:


Areas of Focus
• Grief/Loss
• Identity Issues
• Trauma/Abuse
• Anxiety/Depression
• Family Conflict
• Relationship Struggles
Works with
• Individual Adults
• Kids
• Adolescents
• Families


•  BA in Psychology from Biola University
•  MA in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology
•  PhD in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology