Groups offer a space where encouragement, support, and growth take root. As a result, we often offer groups on a variety of topics that can be helpful for you.
Keep an eye on this page for announcements regarding new groups and meeting details.

Below are some of the Group topics we've had in the past.

Women’s Group: Identity Development

Healing occurs in relationship with others. This group will be focused on women joining together to express, nurture and deepen their relationships with themselves and others. This group will ideally have women between the ages of 18-25 who may struggle with body image issues, have difficulty managing emotions or challenging relationships and may feel curious about understanding themselves more deeply in conjunction with individual therapy or as a supplement for therapy.

Women’s Group: For Women Struggling with Compulsive/Problematic Sexual Behavior

Problematic (or compulsive) sexual behavior impacts 3 to 17% of the population. Of those struggling with compulsive sexual behavior 40-50% are women. If you are struggling with compulsive masturbation, viewing pornography, or other out-of-control sexual behaviors, this group is for you. We will focus on addressing these behaviors, helping you gain tools for your recovery, and understanding the bigger picture of your behavior.

• Gain tools to cope with sexual behavior
• Find support/accountability with other women
• Be encouraged by hope and healing
• Group sessions held weekly in the Santa Ana office
• The group will consist of 10 sessions
• For women only

Women’s Group: For Women in a Relationship with a Sex Addict

Women in a relationship with a man who struggles with sexually compulsive behavior can experience a wide range of emotions. Once the compulsive behavior is disclosed, many women describe a deep sense of pain over the loss of the life they thought they had with their partner. Often women report identity confusion, increase in medical problems, heightened anxiety, depression, difficulty setting boundaries, and a belief that there is no one who will understand their experience.

There is hope! If your life has been impacted by your partner’s sexual addiction, this might be the group for you. Through this group process, women can begin to make sense of their unique heartache and find their way to acceptance, healing, mutual understanding, and growth.

Focus of this group:

• Provide a safe place to express feelings in a shared experience
• Feel empowered to cope with the chaos that is associated with sexual addicts
• Develop a better understanding of boundaries and coping skills, while exploring other common relational struggles present in a relationship with a sexual addiction.

Men’s Group: Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotion which can cause problems when it becomes too frequent or intense. Whether it is hurting relationships or affecting your work, learning to understand and control you anger is a step in the right direction. This is a supportive, non-judgmental and skill-building group focused on learning when anger is useful and when it is not. Understand how to communicate more effectively and be assertive with your needs. Learn to stop the surge of anger before it’s too late.

Group Objectives Include:

• Recognizing triggers and levels of anger
• Understanding the aggression cycle and its consequences
• Using coping skills to reduce escalation
• Learning to use the conflict resolution model
• Developing self-control over thoughts and actions
• Receiving support and feedback from others

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Groups can be a tremendous opportunity for encouragement, support, and growth. As a result, we periodically offer groups on a variety of topics that can be helpful for you.
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