At CIFT, we are intentional about creating a community and culture of collaboration, growth and service.  Our heart is to facilitate change, to impact our communities, families, organizations, and world in positive ways, bringing light where there is darkness, love where there is fear.
If you are interested in joining our team, the following opportunities exist:

Clinical Training Program

For more than two decades, we have assisted in the training and development of countless therapists.  This experience has taught us much; most importantly, that we enjoy the opportunities we have to share our knowledge, experience and passions with others.  As such, one of our core goals as an organization is to be the best training site possible, offering our pre-licensed clinicians experiences that equip them to be both clinically competent and difference makers in our field.

Our training program is psychodynamically oriented and inherently integrative.  As a non-profit, Christian counseling center, we are committed to exploring, understanding, and growing in our awareness of the interplay between the integration of our Christian faith, the psychological understanding of human development, and our clinical practices.

Our Director of Clinical Training and supervisors are committed to creating a supportive environment, one in which our pre-licensed staff are challenged to deepen their understanding of self and other, and where theory takes shape in one’s practice.  In addition to receiving high-quality, insight-oriented supervision, our pre-licensed staff take part in weekly trainings where various topics are presented by highly qualified speakers in the areas of clinical, spiritual, legal, ethical and professional development.  These trainings expose our clinicians to both time-tested and newly developing theory, trends and research.  They are both thought-provoking and practical, intended to equip our staff to care for the children, teens, individuals, couples and families they serve.

Our desire is to facilitate the development of our pre-licensed clinicians, assisting them in becoming well-rounded, “whole” people; personally, professionally, clinically, relationally, and spiritually. If you are interested in learning more about our training program, or would like to apply for a position among our pre-licensed staff, please send your request, along with a current Curriculum Vitae, to info@ciftcounseling.com.

Licensed Clinicians

On occasion, an opening for a licensed staff position at CIFT becomes available.  As is the case within our Clinical Training program, we are highly selective and rigorous in our pursuit of the “right” clinicians to join our team.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities currently available, please submit your request, along with a current Curriculum Vitae, to info@ciftcounseling.com.

Administrative Team

Our administrative team is often the glue that holds our organization together.  They are hard-working, ministry-minded, and fully invested in the mission, vision and values of our organization.  If you are interested in current openings among our team, please submit your request, along with a current resume, to info@ciftcounseling.com.