Robbyn Taylor, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
License: LMFT122014
Offices: Santa Ana, Costa Mesa
714-558-9266 x236

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Robbyn hopes to give every person she meets a space to seek understanding and healing. She knows how confusing and difficult life circumstances can be, whether it be loss, insecurity, transitions, etc., and her desire is that each person who walks into her office will have moments of relief and revelation that bring them closer to who and where they want to be.

At the core of Robbyn’s values is a desire to help people build healthy relationships with others, while finding a sense of identity in themselves. She is experienced in and passionate about walking through feelings of hopelessness, grief and loss, and cultural diversity issues. Robbyn has years of experience working with ethnic minorities, college students, individuals in ministry, and those who want to discuss questions about spirituality and purpose of life. She strives to meet each person exactly where they are on their journey and offer them acceptance and hope for their future.


Additional Information:


Areas of Focus
• Ethnic identity
• Depression
• Anxiety
• College students
• Relationship distress with significant other or family members
• Marital problems
• Communication skills
• Spiritual issues
• Individuals in ministry
Works with
• Individual adults
• Adolescents
• Couples

MA from Chapman University