Michele Senkbile, MS

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
License: LPCC9547
Office: Brea
714-558-9266 x230

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Michele’s greatest joy is in creating a space for people to tell their stories as a way to explore what has happened in their life to this point and to help navigate their story going forward. This can include working through pain, disappointments, crisis or simply adjustments to new life stages and new challenges. All of these things matter to us and impact our ability to do life in a way that allows us to truly flourish and thrive and Michele’s passion is that any person who walks into her office will experience a compassionate therapist who is able to do part of the journey with them and offer insight and a sense of hope.

As a pastor’s wife, former missionary and mom, Michele is passionate about working with individuals in ministry, individuals who are preparing for the mission field, individuals or couples on furlough or those who are transitioning back to life in their home country. Outside of issues related to ministry, Michele enjoys working with individuals who are working through the challenges of anxiety or depression, issues around identity development and issues pertaining to life adjustments and seasons of change.

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Areas of Focus
• Pastor/ministry staff/families
• Missionary families
• Chronic illness
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Life adjustments/major life changes
• Fertility/birth/postpartum challenges
Works with
• Individual adults
• Couples
• Families

• MS in Clinical Mental Health from University of Nebraska, Omaha