Mark Chevalier, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
License: MFC86619
714-558-9266 x257
Offices: Santa Ana, Brea

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Mark spent the first half of life in the world of social work – specifically, foster care. He and his wife ran a small foster family agency for many years which provided an impactful window into the meaning and effects of attachment and attachment trauma. In this second half of life, Mark has desired to apply and integrate that experience into the care and healing of couples and individuals of all ages who have been impacted by where they come from.

From this background, Mark is invested in working with families currently trying to solidify healthy relations between parents and children, individuals who have gotten stuck along the way with distorted beliefs about themselves that have resulted in lost ground to depression and anxiety, and couples who, bringing their own trauma and childhood struggles into marriage are wrestling to stay above water. For the purpose of caring for the deeper traumas that effect all of the above stories, Mark is a certified EMDR Therapist.


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Areas of Focus
• Pastor/Ministry staff
• Foster and adoption issues
• Second-half-of-life issues
• Infidelity/Affair recovery
• Sexual addiction
• Attachment issues in marriage
• t & T trauma
Works with
• Individual adults
• Kids
• Couples
• Adolescents
• Families

• MA in Clinical Psych: Rosemead Graduate School of Clinical Psych
• MA in Marriage & Family Therapy, National University