Colleen Harrington, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
License: LMFT110026
Offices: Santa Ana, Brea
714-558-9266 x242

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Colleen understands that sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart. Her desire is to come alongside her clients in those difficult seasons and help put things back together in a healthier way. As a therapist, she is grateful for the opportunity to help people improve their connections with each other and to understand their relationships in new ways. Building better communication skills and developing emotional language are some of Colleen’s favorite areas of focus, offering her clients a chance to recognize and express their needs and feelings, while also understanding the needs and feelings of those they care about most.

Colleen enjoys working with adolescents, teens, individuals, and couples. Some of her areas of interest include marital issues, parenting difficulties, self-image problems, anxiety and depression. She also has a special interest in helping families and individuals navigate life on the autism spectrum. Within the wide-ranging appearance of autism, these issues may vary, but often include improving the client’s understanding of empathy, sensory processing issues, and difficulties with communication or socialization. Anxious or depressive tendencies and other challenging aspects of emotional regulation are often presenting issues in ASD individuals, and Colleen has witnessed tremendous growth in her clients in these areas.


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Areas of Focus
1. Autism Spectrum
2. Parents of ASD children
3. Self-image issues
4. Teens
5. Couples dealing with life changes or communication issues
6. Parenting issues
Works with
• Individual Adults
• Adolescents
• Children (ages 10 and up)
• Couples

MA in Psychology from Brandman University