Ariella Baugh, MS, MA

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
License:  AMFT119588
Offices: Costa Mesa, Santa Ana
714-558-9266 x281

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Ariella is most passionate about helping people feel seen, known and accepted. Her deepest desire is to embody this sense of unconditional acceptance so that others feel that who they truly are at their core is valuable and significant. Ariella hopes to create a safe place and a sense of belonging as she walks alongside others to help them explore who they are and process their life experiences. With compassion, wisdom and empathy, Ariella strives to help people more fully understand who they are and support them in the hardships of life to ultimately find holistic healing and restoration.


As a therapist, Ariella assists people with a broad range of issues, some of which include identity formation, relationship struggles, spiritual issues, adolescence, anxiety, depression, and family issues. She works with individual adults, couples, teens and kids.


Additional Information:


Areas of Focus
• Identity issues
• Relationship struggles
• Spiritual issues
• Adolescence
• Anxiety/depression
• Life transitions
• Ministry leaders/missionaries
• College students
Works with
• Individual adults
• Adolescents
• Children

• MS in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University
• MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Talbot School of Theology